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Multi-Point Monitoring

Whether it be monitoring hundreds of suspension points on stage or managing complex loads for aerospace projects, multi-point load monitoring system can be important and useful tool.

Ron StageMaster for safe stage rigging and Ron CraneMaster for industrial applications are already in use by customers worldwide.

Heavy complex lifting:

Due to a phenomena in physics knows as “Statically Indeterminate Structures”, whenever an object or structure is lifted by more than three points, unpredictable load distribution is likely to occur.

In the aerospace industry (recent high profile projects with NASA and Boeing, in the oil & gas industry (for monitoring multi point lifting of huge steel plates for oil rigs) in nuclear plants, or in live events where tons of equipment are hung above people. Whenever it is necessary to lift a heavy object and make sure that the load is distributed evenly on all hanging points, our advanced wireless and wired multi point load monitoring systems: Ron CraneMaster and Ron StageMaster are the solution.

Advanced Logistics and Stock Management:

Tens and hundreds of load cells measure, gather and transmit important information which is presented as a real time load map on one screen. This advanced data collection can help optimize logistics, supply fleet routes, planning of garbage removal, beehive honey production monitoring, train carriage load distribution, and more.

Our Ron StageMaster and Ron CraneMaster are the optimal solution for multipoint load monitoring thanks to their advanced features and options:

  • Very long battery life of up to 5000h

  • Downloadable reports of months of measurements

  • Up to 200 load cells transmitting to one indicator

  • Real time load map of all measurements on one PC / iPhone / iPad screen

  • Transmission range up to several km / miles (with option)

  • Accuracy: 0.1% of full scale

  • Fatigue rated load cells


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