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NASA & Aerospace Industries
With over four decades in the market, Eilon Engineering is proud to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of sales to NASA of our extremely accurate and user friendly load monitoring systems. Including the Ron Crane Scales systems range, for single point load monitoring and Ron CraneMaster, for multi point load monitoring.
Stage Safety
At live events, where there are spectators and actors, situated beneath a great weight of hanging audio, video and lighting apparatus, the people below have to be protected from falling equipment by the implementation of strict and rigorous safety and overload prevention precautions.
Ron StageMaster is the load monitoring system of choice for venues, rigging companies and touring shows around the world.
Overload Prevention
Anytime a load is lifted, the potential for overload is present. Accurate measurement of the load is critical to preventing dangerous overloads. Constant load monitoring provides an additional layer of protection to existing safety protocols and can protect you from overloads that may occur even when the load is known.
Weighing in Foundries
Foundries and other high temperature environments where casting and forging activities take place, have a basic need for a load monitoring systems that can withstand extreme temperatures.
Weighing During Manufacture
In modern manufacturing facilities, electronic load monitoring systems play a critical role in maintaining the efficiency of day to day operations. Crane scales and dynamometers enable to turn any lifting of hoisting of materials into an opportunity to measure and record weight, eliminating the need for a separate weighing stage. The careful measurement of raw materials is critical for guaranteeing efficiency and output.  
Shipment Weighing
Anytime a shipment is sent out or received, there is a need for weight measurement. Ron crane scales and dynamometers allow manufacturers to take the process of loading/unloading and turn it into an opportunity for detailed weight measurement and logging, helping to streamline the shipping/receiving process.
Controlled Cable Tensioning
A cable tension test is very important due to environmental influences such as heat or cold that often affect the cable length.
Bollard Pull Tests
Bollard pull trials are conducted in order to determine the static pull that a tug is able to employ in operating conditions. Unlike ground vehicles, the statement of installed horsepower is not sufficient to understand how strong a tug is - this is because other factors, like transmission losses, propulsion type, propulsion system efficiency, have an influence as well.
Proof Tests
A proof load test is performed on lifting and anchoring equipment to ensure they can withstand the design load without failure. Proof load tests are performed when lifting equipment is new, as well as periodically.
Wind Turbines
The wind industry is growing faster and faster worldwide, and wind turbines are going up all over the place. Sales of Ron Crane Scales by Eilon Engineering have grown proportionately.
Multi-Point Monitoring
Whether it be monitoring hundreds of suspension points on stage or managing complex loads for aerospace projects, multi-point load monitoring system can be important and useful tool.
Other Applications
Even polar bears need to be weighed... Our Ron brand of crane scales were involved in a multi-year program that monitors polar bears in the Chukchi Sea.



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