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Shimizu Octo

Shimizu Octo Testimonial

By Hiroki Matsunobu.
Manager - Engineering Department
Shimizu Octo,Inc.


Our company currently owns over 1200 CM Lodestar units and during a busy period, nearly 1200 of these units are used on stages throughout Japan and East Asia. In order to complete this type of work safely, it is very important to create a stage rigging safety plan.

I first worked with the RON StageMaster at a plasma show in 2007. The next year in 2008, I introduced the Wireless Load Cell System to our company and was the first user of this system in Japan and Asia.

After purchasing the RON StageMaster, our company used it during the trial assembly for a tour, a new project of ours. The system was able to correctly calculate the load distribution and we were able to create a rigging plan in accordance to the regulations for each venue. Our company was also able to find solutions for any possible risk factors beforehand.

Compared to when paper based weight calculations were viewed as the main factor in planning, safety can be ensured to a much higher degree than before.

Last summer, Shimizu Octo had the large task of building a new roof system for the ap bank fes ’10, a system in which the RON StageMaster was a key factor in creating. The new roof system was a lifting system made up of a tower that combined an aluminum truss(American-made)structure with layher steel(German-made). The rain sheets were developed by Shimizu Octo.

Before actually starting the construction, the calculations for the structural strength of the roof and lifting system, as well as other important elements needed to be verified. During the inspection process, the self-weight of the roof truss, a survey of the load deflection, and various other data was verified. After finishing the inspection process, we were able to safely provide our client with the roof truss.

From now on, Shimizu Octo is planning to continue to consistently use the RON StageMaster for safe stage rigging.


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