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Human Castle Barcelona

May 2010 - RSM Load Cells Use At A Large Cultural Event In Barcelona, Spain

By Tracy Nunnally.
Hall Associates Flying Effects


We use the Ron StageMaster system to help determine the load distribution for flying a human castle. The event designers created the concept of flying 16 people from a single point, shaped as a traditional human castle. The primary lifting machine for the 2400 lb human castle was a large industrial crane with a lift capacity far in excess of 25,000 lbs.

To create the special shape with the suspended artists, I created a flying frame with multiple attachments that could be suspended by 4 cables below the crane hook. For this project, I was able to use the Ron StageMaster load cells to monitor the weight on each of the 4 lines as I added artists to the castle. This allowed me to ensure that the frame would fly level and true, and all support lines would equally share the load.

The load cells worked beautifully, and it was so nice to be able to fly the frame through 3 dimensions and receive a constant feed of data from the load cells. If you would like any further information, please let me know.


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