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1. To enhance safety, Ron Crane Scales, Dynamometers, and Load Cells are available with either large displays (up to 2"/50mm), hand-held indicators, or both, i.e. dynamometers and crane scales with removable displays. 
RON Crane Scales have been designed with special emphasis on safety during lifting. Consequently, all Ron Crane Scales, Dynamometers and Load Cells eliminate the user's need to approach the load in order to read the measurement: They are available with either large displays (up to 2" / 50mm), or hand-held indicators, or both, i.e. dynamometers and crane scales with removable displays. They all enable the result to be read from a safe distance. 




2. Ron Crane scales, Dynamometers and Load Cells are made of superior quality material: aerospace quality steel. 

Aerospace quality steel requires the strictest manufacturing quality control and is subject to rigorous inspection throughout the manufacturing process.

Using this superior quality material for Ron Crane scales ensures the highest possible safety, which is very important in lifting and rigging activities. 

3. The Ron Crane Scale and Dynamometer load cell has a unique design. The shackle holes are rotated 90° in relation to each other. 

This design prevents external moments that may occur during lifting and rigging activities. External moments are dangerous and in extreme conditions may cause failure and even accidents. External moments also reduce accuracy.

The Ron Dynamometer's load cell design with 90° rotation between the shackle holes prevents external moments and thus increases safety and accuracy. 

4. Safety Mechanism:

The Ron 2501 wireless Crane scale and Dynamometer is programmed to ensure that the received and indicated value is identical to the transmitted value. If the two values are not identical (for example, due to environmental interference), the system will indicate "Transmission Error". Under no circumstances will it indicate a different value than the transmitted one. This is an important safety feature.




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